Monday, October 14, 2013

Mortgage Caja Navarra : What advantages over its competitors ?

The Caja Navarra ( Civic Banking Group ) offers 3 types of mortgages : Fixed Rate , Mortgage and Mortgage Relationship Acquirer for housing. This article describes the advantages of its housing account associated with buying a home , especially in the territory of Navarre , and the main advantages of the mortgages mentioned .

Special conditions of the housing account in Navarre

Firstly , due to the specific regulations applicable in the province of Navarre , the box offers no commission housing account , which pays the balance for amounts from 30,000 euros ( to July 2011 ) , at least half a quarterly Euribor , although to have contracted any of the mortgages of the box, this interest increases by 0.5 points.

Unlike other Spanish communities in Navarre housing accounts enjoy the following conditions:

    The maximum allowable deduction base per year is 9,015 and 21,035 euros ( to July 2011 ) , in case of individual tax returns or conuntas , respectively , for up to 10 years , and the amounts you can deduct a maximum on that basis , can be 15 , 18 or 30 % , depending on the number of household members .

Having described the living conditions of the account , below the main advantages of the 3 types of mortgages of the entity.
Fixed Rate Mortgage , Housing Value Acquirer or Protected

A mortgage simulator or comparator is a very useful tool to foresee the costs of the operation, but to calculate the actual cost of the mortgage , you have to assess the potential commissions, bonuses , repayment penalties , etc. .

Described below are the main advantages of the entity mortgages Navarre :

    The Fixed Rate Mortgage ensures a fixed rate for the entire loan period , between 1 and 25 years with the possibility of requesting a grace period of up to three years ( paying only the share of interest) without fee partial redemption , if it does not exceed 25 % of the outstanding capital .

    The Mortgage Relationship Acquirer is meliorate with reduced interest applicable client linking entity through purchase products or services , such as 0.25% if domiciled insurance payroll or autonomous 0.1% less if you hire a home insurance or 0.2 % less if you sign up for life insurance .

    Finally, the Social Housing Loan offers a loan through the government of the autonomous region , no origination fees , repayment or cancellation, up to 35 years , for the purchase of public housing , with a variable interest rate , which exceed the value of Euribor plus 1 % throughout the period.

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