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Mortgage Caja Navarra : What advantages over its competitors ?

The Caja Navarra ( Civic Banking Group ) offers 3 types of mortgages : Fixed Rate , Mortgage and Mortgage Relationship Acquirer for housing. This article describes the advantages of its housing account associated with buying a home , especially in the territory of Navarre , and the main advantages of the mortgages mentioned .

Special conditions of the housing account in Navarre

Firstly , due to the specific regulations applicable in the province of Navarre , the box offers no commission housing account , which pays the balance for amounts from 30,000 euros ( to July 2011 ) , at least half a quarterly Euribor , although to have contracted any of the mortgages of the box, this interest increases by 0.5 points.

Unlike other Spanish communities in Navarre housing accounts enjoy the following conditions:

    The maximum allowable deduction base per year is 9,015 and 21,035 euros ( to July 2011 ) , in case of individual tax returns or conuntas , respectively , for up to 10 years , and the amounts you can deduct a maximum on that basis , can be 15 , 18 or 30 % , depending on the number of household members .

Having described the living conditions of the account , below the main advantages of the 3 types of mortgages of the entity.
Fixed Rate Mortgage , Housing Value Acquirer or Protected

A mortgage simulator or comparator is a very useful tool to foresee the costs of the operation, but to calculate the actual cost of the mortgage , you have to assess the potential commissions, bonuses , repayment penalties , etc. .

Described below are the main advantages of the entity mortgages Navarre :

    The Fixed Rate Mortgage ensures a fixed rate for the entire loan period , between 1 and 25 years with the possibility of requesting a grace period of up to three years ( paying only the share of interest) without fee partial redemption , if it does not exceed 25 % of the outstanding capital .

    The Mortgage Relationship Acquirer is meliorate with reduced interest applicable client linking entity through purchase products or services , such as 0.25% if domiciled insurance payroll or autonomous 0.1% less if you hire a home insurance or 0.2 % less if you sign up for life insurance .

    Finally, the Social Housing Loan offers a loan through the government of the autonomous region , no origination fees , repayment or cancellation, up to 35 years , for the purchase of public housing , with a variable interest rate , which exceed the value of Euribor plus 1 % throughout the period.

Major Portuguese banks

In Portugal there are a wide range of banking institutions that provide services to both businesses and the consumer. But what are the banks that exist in Portugal? Below is a list and review of the main Portuguese banks .

Portuguese banks : Banco de Portugal

This bank was founded in 1846 and plays the role of central bank of Portugal. The headquarters of this financial institution is located in the Portuguese capital , Lisbon , and the bank also has regional offices in Porto and the other Portuguese cities , as well as in Madeira and the Azores .

The Bank of Portugal is part of the European System of Central Banks ( ESCB , for its acronym in English) since 1998. As part of this system , the Bank of Portugal contributed its share to the maintenance of price stability within the European Union , which is considered one of the central tasks of the European System of Central Banks.

For more information on the Bank of Portugal , as well as to check rates and financial policy established bank , you can visit their website at .
Banks in Portugal : Banco Espirito Santo

Espirito Santo Bank was founded in 1937 , although its origins date back to the last third of the nineteenth century , when the family was engaged in Espirito Santo commercial and financial transactions in the country and abroad. Today, Banco Espirito Santo has offices abroad, such as Spain Banco Espirito Santo and Banco Espirito Santo do Oriente .

The Espirito Santo Bank provides various loans, both for the end consumer as investment credits , including operations related to factoring and leasing. The Espirito Santo Bank also provides services such as insurance .

In Spain , Banco Espirito Santo has branches across the country, including cities such as Madrid, Vigo , La Coruna, Malaga , Barcelona , Marbella and Seville . For more information about Banco Espirito Santo you can visit their website or call + ( 0034 ) 902 123 252 .

The best banks in Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the most important countries of Central America. It is a country where you can enjoy both its climate and its scenery. It also has a large financial structure solved mostly by gas and oil. As such, it has an extensive network of banks (mostly native ) operating in the market.

Types of banks

Unlike other countries where foreign banks can be found in Venezuela is more common to find banks.
This quality is noticeable from analyzing the names of the banks in Venezuela , which have the name of the country or an adjective .
Businesses that carry out these banks are usually the same as any other in any country.
These entities have most websites where you can check your services and products.


Through you can access the site of the Superintendency of Banks of Venezuela .
From there you can check the latest news concerning these entities in that country.
Also, you may inquire about Venezuelan banking system and the country's growth statistics .
List of banks

These are the best banks in Venezuela . You can check information about their products through their websites.

- BBVA Banco Provincial .
Website: .

- Banco Mercantil .
Website: .

- Banesco - Universal Bank .
Website: .

- Discount West Bank .
Website: .

- Bank of Venezuela - Grupo Santander .
Website: .

- Banco Venezolano de Credito.
Website: .

- Foreign Bank .
Website: .

- Federal Bank .

- Banco Industrial de Venezuela .

- Bank Plaza.
Website: .

- Banco Canarias de Venezuela .
Website: .

- Central Bank of Venezuela .

- Foreign Trade Bank .
Website: .

Are high interest mortgage loans BBVA ?

BBVA is a financial group that owns bank branches in several countries in Europe and Latin America. It is one of the leading groups in the world and in every country where it operates has products that are among the top of the demands of customers. It has several different credit lines , interest rates are not very high , and yes very attractive .


The BBVA Group offers loans varied to meet user demand . The main ones are :

- Mortgage ( for the purchase of property ) .
- Pledge ( Car Loans ) .
- Personal (for any purpose ) .

The majority of credit approval will depend on the documentation required and the applicant can prove that .
In most cases proof of income is required ( receipt of assets ) , identity and service.
These requirements you can check through BBVA sites online , regardless of the country where they are.
Interest rate

BBVA loans have different interest rates , depending on the type of loan you are applying for.
Most have fixed rate , which means the aggregate of money for each share will be the same .

Fixed rate and variable rate

Fixed rates are usually slightly higher than the variables and that remain the same throughout the loan.
This implies a safety for the applicant since the interest will be independent of any changes in the economy.
Economic factors have no influence on the interest , therefore the amount of the fees will be the same .

low interest

The BBVA interest rates are not high , however they compete as one of the lowest in the market.

BBVA rates in numbers:

    Personal loans: fixed rates of between 27 and 28% (at July 18, 2011 ) against 30 % of competition ( ) .
    Mortgage loans: Fixed rate of 18 % (at July 18, 2011 ) for the purchase or construction, up to 15 year term .
    Pledge loans: Between 27 and 30% (at July 18, 2011 ) according to the number of installments elected.

According to these numbers , the loans offered by BBVA is one of the best options in the market.
The important thing is to find a loan according to the needs of the applicant and used to meet the target.

Banks of Argentina : Three recommendations for household payroll

Many people receive their salary in a bank account , as this brings many advantages. The most important of all is that the account holder can be assured that there will be deposited your paycheck and do not have to be aware of the management of internal payment made ​​by the company . In Argentina there are several options to do so.

BBVA Banco Frances and her libreton plus

One option for household payroll may be the libreton plus the BBVA Banco Franc├ęs , which offers this product who hire a lot of benefits that encourage maintaining the payroll for a while . With the libreton plus BBVA Banco Frances , you can access a current account , have a savings in both dollars and pesos , receive any emission free credit card Visa International , which will be exempt from payment for renewal and additional charges, a checkbook and Visa debit card without charge and access to home banking at BBVA Banco Frances . Its requirements are a working record and 2,500 pesos as minimum monthly wage.
Infinity Platinum Account Banco Santander Rio

Banco Santander Rio offers Infinity Platinum , another account that can benefit those who transfer their payroll in the bank.

The first benefit is the application of all checkbooks that the owner needs no extra charges and the possibility of unlimited movements in Argentina and abroad with Visa Plus.

In addition , with this account Infinity Platinum , you can get the Santander Rio Visa , the applicant may make consumption to accumulate points and redeem them in the Super -Club for wonderful prizes besides get discounts on shows , some shops and up to 20 % in consumption in restaurants. To hire this item , only calls an income level of 2,750 pesos and hiring a work record .
Citibank Basic Package

Finally , Citibank offers its Basic package for those people who need a simple bank instrument to receive their salary , based on a current account overdraft capacity and a savings in Argentine pesos.

The Basic package is complemented by the issuance of a debit card , with which the applicant may withdraw their salary to the ATM network of Citibank and the ability to access personal loans. Only requested an income level of $ 2,500 and a document that states that the person is laboring .