Monday, October 14, 2013

Are high interest mortgage loans BBVA ?

BBVA is a financial group that owns bank branches in several countries in Europe and Latin America. It is one of the leading groups in the world and in every country where it operates has products that are among the top of the demands of customers. It has several different credit lines , interest rates are not very high , and yes very attractive .


The BBVA Group offers loans varied to meet user demand . The main ones are :

- Mortgage ( for the purchase of property ) .
- Pledge ( Car Loans ) .
- Personal (for any purpose ) .

The majority of credit approval will depend on the documentation required and the applicant can prove that .
In most cases proof of income is required ( receipt of assets ) , identity and service.
These requirements you can check through BBVA sites online , regardless of the country where they are.
Interest rate

BBVA loans have different interest rates , depending on the type of loan you are applying for.
Most have fixed rate , which means the aggregate of money for each share will be the same .

Fixed rate and variable rate

Fixed rates are usually slightly higher than the variables and that remain the same throughout the loan.
This implies a safety for the applicant since the interest will be independent of any changes in the economy.
Economic factors have no influence on the interest , therefore the amount of the fees will be the same .

low interest

The BBVA interest rates are not high , however they compete as one of the lowest in the market.

BBVA rates in numbers:

    Personal loans: fixed rates of between 27 and 28% (at July 18, 2011 ) against 30 % of competition ( ) .
    Mortgage loans: Fixed rate of 18 % (at July 18, 2011 ) for the purchase or construction, up to 15 year term .
    Pledge loans: Between 27 and 30% (at July 18, 2011 ) according to the number of installments elected.

According to these numbers , the loans offered by BBVA is one of the best options in the market.
The important thing is to find a loan according to the needs of the applicant and used to meet the target.

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