Monday, October 14, 2013

Banks of Argentina : Three recommendations for household payroll

Many people receive their salary in a bank account , as this brings many advantages. The most important of all is that the account holder can be assured that there will be deposited your paycheck and do not have to be aware of the management of internal payment made ​​by the company . In Argentina there are several options to do so.

BBVA Banco Frances and her libreton plus

One option for household payroll may be the libreton plus the BBVA Banco Franc├ęs , which offers this product who hire a lot of benefits that encourage maintaining the payroll for a while . With the libreton plus BBVA Banco Frances , you can access a current account , have a savings in both dollars and pesos , receive any emission free credit card Visa International , which will be exempt from payment for renewal and additional charges, a checkbook and Visa debit card without charge and access to home banking at BBVA Banco Frances . Its requirements are a working record and 2,500 pesos as minimum monthly wage.
Infinity Platinum Account Banco Santander Rio

Banco Santander Rio offers Infinity Platinum , another account that can benefit those who transfer their payroll in the bank.

The first benefit is the application of all checkbooks that the owner needs no extra charges and the possibility of unlimited movements in Argentina and abroad with Visa Plus.

In addition , with this account Infinity Platinum , you can get the Santander Rio Visa , the applicant may make consumption to accumulate points and redeem them in the Super -Club for wonderful prizes besides get discounts on shows , some shops and up to 20 % in consumption in restaurants. To hire this item , only calls an income level of 2,750 pesos and hiring a work record .
Citibank Basic Package

Finally , Citibank offers its Basic package for those people who need a simple bank instrument to receive their salary , based on a current account overdraft capacity and a savings in Argentine pesos.

The Basic package is complemented by the issuance of a debit card , with which the applicant may withdraw their salary to the ATM network of Citibank and the ability to access personal loans. Only requested an income level of $ 2,500 and a document that states that the person is laboring .

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