Monday, October 14, 2013

Major Portuguese banks

In Portugal there are a wide range of banking institutions that provide services to both businesses and the consumer. But what are the banks that exist in Portugal? Below is a list and review of the main Portuguese banks .

Portuguese banks : Banco de Portugal

This bank was founded in 1846 and plays the role of central bank of Portugal. The headquarters of this financial institution is located in the Portuguese capital , Lisbon , and the bank also has regional offices in Porto and the other Portuguese cities , as well as in Madeira and the Azores .

The Bank of Portugal is part of the European System of Central Banks ( ESCB , for its acronym in English) since 1998. As part of this system , the Bank of Portugal contributed its share to the maintenance of price stability within the European Union , which is considered one of the central tasks of the European System of Central Banks.

For more information on the Bank of Portugal , as well as to check rates and financial policy established bank , you can visit their website at .
Banks in Portugal : Banco Espirito Santo

Espirito Santo Bank was founded in 1937 , although its origins date back to the last third of the nineteenth century , when the family was engaged in Espirito Santo commercial and financial transactions in the country and abroad. Today, Banco Espirito Santo has offices abroad, such as Spain Banco Espirito Santo and Banco Espirito Santo do Oriente .

The Espirito Santo Bank provides various loans, both for the end consumer as investment credits , including operations related to factoring and leasing. The Espirito Santo Bank also provides services such as insurance .

In Spain , Banco Espirito Santo has branches across the country, including cities such as Madrid, Vigo , La Coruna, Malaga , Barcelona , Marbella and Seville . For more information about Banco Espirito Santo you can visit their website or call + ( 0034 ) 902 123 252 .

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